Ken is a gifted musician as well as a caring-sharing educator who has a holistic perspective on what is wanted-and-needed by today’s college age students.

-Dr. Tim Lautzenheiser


Ken leads rehearsals with an energy and excitement that I have rarely seen. Indeed, from the moment he steps on the podium, his energy is infectious. The chorus is especially boisterous on the nights when Ken conducts, which surely translates into better music and stronger personal bonds throughout the organization.

-David J. Lick, GMCLA


Ken uses every opportunity presented to grow as an artist and leader. Everyone who works with him feels valued and encouraged, and he stays in close communication throughout the creative process. The guys in the chorus love singing for Ken.

-Bob Crocker, GMCLA


Ken’s unending passion for music and proactive teaching techniques have helped to promote a solid and professional sound throughout our chorus. Because of his creativity and enthusiasm for making music, the entire chorus responds positively to his rehearsals.

-Kris Fitzgerald, GMCLA


Ken is solidly grounded in classical music, and demonstrates an extensive knowledge of the classical repertoire. This grounding enables him to be comfortable conducting a wide variety of musical styles. He demonstrates a commitment to good choral principles, as well as a commitment to the musical score. I would like to give him my highest recommendation.

-Michael Alfera, Principal Accompanist, GMCLA


As a conductor he is not only well educated, but an excellent teacher. He knows the vocal techniques to sculpt the best possible sound and what’s more important is he knows how to clearly and efficiently communicate them to a group of people of widely varying musical experience.

-Dave Volpe, GMCLA


My observation of Ken is that he is talented, diligent, and visionary. He took what was a fledgling organization and turned it into a dynamic chorus. He planned the concert season far in advance, intelligently selected music, and respected the budget of a struggling company. He was instrumental in giving our chorus immediate direction and a vision for future seasons. It was a privilege to work with him. I highly recommend him, and believe he will be a great asset to your program.

-Michael O’Keefe, Caballeros Board President


I feel that Ken will be a great asset to any music program he chooses to work with. But beware,the energy and excitement he has for creating music and educating musicians is infectious.

-Professor Gene Ditch, St. Charles Community College


It is enjoyable to watch Ken as he seemingly attacks a lesson. He moves about; modeling, demonstrating, giving cues, and checking for student understanding. His knowledge and expertise in the area of vocal music are noteworthy. He demonstrates a level of enthusiasm for the vocal music program that is refreshing.

-Principal Don Kuntz, Stebbins High School


His depth of musical knowledge and experience, his ability to relate positively to his students, and the contagious enthusiasm and joy for music and learning he brings to his students make him an invaluable asset to any music department!

-Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Brown, Hart choir parents


One only has to converse on a small level with Mr. Harned to know and feel his overwhelming desire to work with these talented young people. His ideas seem endless and energizing!

-Mrs. Lynda Smith, Hart choir parent


Ken seems to approach life and work with zest and a seriousness of purpose tempered by a lively sense of humor. I wholeheartedly recommend him to you as a candidate for your position.

-Dr. Charles A. Grover, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater